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Job Code : AMZ JB AE2

Wanted for United Arab Emirates 'Mechanical Engineer' Heavy Equipment / Machinery Mechanic. If you are interested candidates please come forward with the Resumes of the below mentioned vacancy.

  • Should work from his hand for repairing of heavy engines and machineries.
  • Diagnose and repair heavyequipment malfunctions on all major systems, including gas and diesel engines, vessel engines & generators, transmissions, brake systems,differentials, drivelines, generators,rear- end  assemblies, carburetors, and hydraulic, pneumatic,fuel,ignition, and electrical and cooling systems;
  • Diagnose, repair, rebuild, and overhaul systems and parts;
  • conduct safety checks;
  • Instruct operatorsin the use and care of the machinery and equipment;
  • Inspect, diagnose, and repair computer- controlled equipment;
  • Perform record keeping and documentation on all assigned units.
  • Extensive experience with troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of automotive and heavy duty diesel and other engines, machinery and equipments.
  • Effective Communication and interpersonal skills.

Skill Set:
Engines and Machines, carburetors, Hydraulic Pneumatic,

Opening From: 1st Mar 2017   |   Opening Till: 18th Mar 2017

  • Location:
    United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Industry:
  • Salary:
  • Expirence:
    3 to 4 Years
  • Educational Qualification:
    Graduate / Engineer, Mechanical Engineer,

Posted 4 years ago 2017-03-01 11:42:30

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